In order to develop the soft skills of the employees within a company a classroom training is one of the best options. During these sessions the attendees have the opportunity to get familiar with new methods, techniques, tools and hints and tips in various soft skill areas and topics. All the new knowledge then can be used in their daily work, in the interaction and cooperation with other colleagues and/or partnering companies.

A training can help the people communicate at a higher level with each other, with clients and suppliers, can increase the attendees’ self-awareness and self-consciousness. All this increased knowledge will result in a more flawless ways of working within your company and outside as well.

There are 2 main pillars of my own Soft Skills Training Portfolio: Leadership Trainings and All Employee Trainings.


Leadership Improvement Packages

Leadership Improvement Packages 2

Consists of 3 separate packages, within which various training sessions can be found. Each package aims to improve the Leaders’ skills within one broader topic.

1. Build Your Leadership Skills

  • Leaders can learn about the different leadership styles and also get an insight into leadership practices, which can help them to be able to lead their team members effectively in the different work situations.
  • The Leaders have the chance to learn about their own Motivation Factors and Personal Values, through which they will be able to manage themselves and their team in a more harmonious way.

2.  Lead Through Your Communication

  • Within this program the Leaders can learn about how to build long-lasting and real trust with their employees and also about how to manage them through their personality styles.
  • They will also get familiar with the concept of the Situational Leadership styles and receive hands-on practical information about how to give and receive feedback within the work environment.

3.  Lead In Change

  • While everything is changing very rapidly in the past years, Leaders are also in more and more need of improving their skills to be able to meet these new circumstances.
  • Therefore, in this training series the Leaders become familiar with the VUCA concept, also learn about virtual team management and positive attitude while managing change.


All Employee Improvement Packages

All employee Improvement Packages

Consists of 4 separate packages, within which various training sessions can be found. Each package aims to improve the attendees’ skills within one broader topic.

1. Be At Ease

  • In this training series the participants can learn about useful stress management practices and can also learn about how to say no in an effective and assertive way.
  • They also get familiar with best practices of time and priority management and how to manage challenging conversations positively.

2. Know Yourself & Others

  • The attendees have the chance to get to know themselves deeper through personality styles test and discussions, which will also help them to understand their colleagues better and improve their communication as well.
  • In this training series the participants get a deeper insight in their own personal values, its effect on the everyday work and they can also understand how the different dimensions of the different cultures can be present in their daily work.

3. Perform High

  • During these training sessions the attendees can learn about those habits which can improve their success factor in their work.
  • Also, they have the chance to significantly improve their presentations skills and be able to make a real effect on people with their performance.

4. Handle Your Customers

  • This training series focuses on those aspects of work which are very important while working with customers and/or vendors on a daily basis.
  • These training sessions provide hands-on practical exercises and practice opportunities so that the participants can learn how to manage difficult customers and conflict situations more effectively, and also focuses on customer centric communication.


All the different training sessions within each Improvement Packages can be delivered one-by-one as well..

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