New era, a new project together with Gerilla Önéletrajz Műhely

This very new ways of working and ways of generally existing in the past several months had a huge effect on the training business. When it all started, I wrote about my view on how is it going to be for us, trainers (and coaches), from now on. As I can see at this very moment, the virtuality has indeed changed a trainer’s work.

Interestingly, for me all these turbulences have brought in fantastic new projects and new opportunities.

Virtual trainings delivered regularly, coaching sessions done through videocalls, designing of web pages and training materials to meet the new expectations – experiences, that broadened my horizons.

And besides all these, one of the very interesting projects that I got involved in is with a Hungarian, very well-known company, Gerilla Önéletrajz Műhely.

We started to work together on their aim of widening their offer of video trainings for their clients, for which they were searching for some experienced professionals.

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I can say now that I am already comfortable with delivering virtual sessions through/to my webcam for people I don’t see. But attending the shooting of the first module of my video trainings, in front of “normal” cameras, with huge lightings above my head, was a completely different experience 🙂 The first time I touched a micro port, got the instructions from the cameraman on how to do things in front of real cameras, was something definitely new for me. But challenge was accepted and impossible is nothing!

I ended up really enjoying the shooting and gathering a lot of experience on how to deliver the message to people who don’t even know now, that they will receive it at some point later in time.

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In March, the whole virtual training concept was a new thing to get used to and speed up in mastering it. Only 2 months have passed and again the bar has been raised with the filming of sessions. I have a feeling that this expansion of methods, technologies and ways of working in the virtual world is still just taking its first steps and there is so-so much more to come yet! Cannot wait for it! 🙂

If you are interested in what Gerilla Önéletrajz Műhely is up to, stay tuned on their Facebook page and website!

Hope to see you there 😉









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