The future of the training business


In the past weeks many people asked me about how the training business is under the current no-contact circumstances. The short answer is: it is completely on hold, I would say that it has ceased to exist. For a good while at least, for sure.

The longer answer is more subtle though.


Goodbye past, welcome future!

Many times we talk about the future as if it was something far away from us. Now, however, it has slapped us in the face. The future is here, no doubt.


Coaching and other one-to-one sessions I already did virtually in the past, as sometimes due to the geographical distance that was the only option. I have always found it fascinating having the sessions with people living around the world, like in Brazil, Germany, Norway, UK and so on. The trainings for me however, in the majority of the times, were classroom ones, based on personal contact.


How is it going to be now then?

The answer is very simple, yet can be quite challenging. Virtual trainings. The challenge is that whatever practices, tools, methods we were using in the past, is not going to work in the future (which is already our present, by the way). It is time for a change, a big one.


Change of the concept of the trainings, the platforms, tools and methodologies used. Something completely new has to be established, in case we would like to keep on going with the development of groups of people.


Is it going to be the same?

Absolutely not. This is exactly why it requires innovation. New ideas, new terms, new mindset and flexibility. And not just from the trainers, but also from the attendees.

This is new to all of us at this extent, we are all trying our wings now.

I truly believe that this whole change in the world now happens for a reason. For many reasons actually, out of which a training related one is to bring in new solutions and make these development options available for even more people around the world at the very same time.


Geographical boarders might be closed now, but the virtual ones just opened, keep it in mind!

This is now the time of change for us, people personally, for the concept of work, for the concept of human contact and through all this for the concept of training delivery as well.

As Darwin’s famous quote says:

It is not the strongest of the species, that survives but the most adaptable. (2)

Let’s adapt then, shall we? ¤

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