My own five stress relief methods

No matter how much we like to spend our lives in peace, from time to time a stressful situation or period finds us. It is the same with me personally as well. What I consider important at such times first of all, is to be able to regain our calmness. And then, of course, drawing conclusions and lessons so that we can react differently in a similar situation in the future.

But how can we find our centre again if we have lost it?

The followings are my personal methods that work in my case. It doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, but if you have no other ideas, it’s worth trying them and redesigning them to your own needs.


  1. VW = Ventilation Walk, a.k.a. walk and talk it out (no, not Volkswagen :))

In the past, there have been several times that stress has settled in my neck at work during the day. At that time, my boss and I introduced the method of going down and walking around the buildings (thank you very much, boss :)). In the meantime, of course, we talked about the issue, vented the problem out of ourselves. Hence the idea to call this great method Ventilation Walk. There were issues that a 10-minute VW solved, there were other times when it took a little longer. But it was definitely helpful. Moving away from the physical space where the problem arose and finding an understanding person and walking partner all help to regain tranquillity.


  1. Sports

“Healthy mind in a healthy body” is very important to me. If I go through an emotionally difficult period, a good workout always helps me a lot. In these cases, dragging myself to the gym is much-much harder than usual, but the end result always compensates for the initial inconveniences. I can feel my head, my thoughts, my feelings and my body all becoming clear. I refresh my brain and soul, I get nicely tired physically and I also feel that I can look at a stressful situation much more objectively.


  1. Meditation

When I meditate, I always feel like I’m getting a clean sheet of paper in front of me. I can let go of the tension inside me, I can clear anything that is stuck in me and is unwanted, I can liberate myself. I only need a good music, a quiet room, and my meditation cushion on which I can sit comfortably for the approximately 30 minutes I spend with it.

Then of course there those occasions when I can meditate anywhere, even only for 5-10 minutes. Sitting in the sauna, in the jacuzzi, on the airplane or on the bus. I would definitely not recommend trying meditation while driving, so if you’re the bus driver, please don’t meditate on the bus 😀


  1. Recharging place

Since last summer, there’s been a place within Budapest, where I’m practically already going home. I sit out here to have a calm lunch alone, work during the day, read, chat with friends, but even just to “look out of my head”. On the bank of the Danube, open air, chill music, super energies, nice people, river flowing through, all these clear me completely. This place for me is the Kabin. I have written many of my articles here, or did some astrology analyses while sitting on the colourful little chairs. For me, this is the place of recharging, calmness and tranquillity. From here, I always go home as if I had been on a week-long vacation. I really wish everyone to find their own “Kabin”.


  1. Music

There is no life for me without music. Music tunes us, depending on what we’re listening to, into that direction. My taste in music has changed a lot in the recent years, I think it is parallel to my own inner development. What is certain is that I can completely switch my brain and soul with music during difficult times. I already have different playlists for basically every purpose – if I want to spin, if I want to calm down, if I want to meditate, if I want to chant, if I want to sing in Spanish, if I want to get rid of unnecessary tension. Music for every situation! 🙂

If you feel like it, try my methods and shape them into your own needs 🙂 The most important is to have things on your own list, that you can use to help you in difficult and stressful times.

Enjoy the tranquillity!

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