Are you success-oriented or a failure-avoider?

Everyone’s life is full of challenges, difficulties, things to resolve, new situations in which we need to step up. you can hear many times, that “Come on, only your attitude matters…!”. In my opinion it is true, however what happens if not only the attitude is the obstacle for someone to take these challenges easily?

What happens, if the root of how we react, feel, act in these situations is deeper down? Do you start to run in such situations saying that you would never succeed anyways? Or you deep dive into the challenge and get excited how this whole thing will turn out to be?


The failure-avoider people

Those, who have this “program running in the background” consider all new situations, challenges as an opportunity to fail.

franck-v-0La7MwJhSyo-unsplash (1)They already foresee which are those critical points, due to which they are not able to get THERE, for sure they will not succeed – they feel. Especially not now. Especially not them. And anyways.

“It is netter for me like this, I know this already.”

They are systematically looking for all those aspects based on which they can prove why it is not good for them to start to new thing.

With this however, they convict themselves to run the very same circles around and around again – joylessly, burnt-out, feeling being used, squeezed. The joy of life is taken away, they are closed in their own cages.

Even though the key of that cage is in their own hands.

The success-oriented people

They keep in mind how will it be when they get THERE. What it is going to feel like, what they will gain from it (and here I mainly mean the psychological gain). How much better they are going to feel themselves, how much more it is going to motivate them further in the life, how much better it will be for them that they have won over themselves.

failBecause even the success-oriented people don’t lack fears and objectivity.

they also know where the traps are on the way, they also know that maybe they will not get THERE, but still, they see the opportunity and themselves in an optimistic way. They feel that they can do it. And what happens if they cannot? They will not fall apart; they will consider it as a learning opportunity. they know that what did not go well, they have the chance now to do differently the next time and to get THERE.

Do you consider yourself a success-oriented or a failure-avoider person? Or maybe in certain areas of your life you are one and on the other you are the other one?

Don’t forget, that the key of the cage is in your hands. Only in yours ;-)¤

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