Welcome on my page!

I am Dóri Padla, trainer and coach.

As an economist, specialised in Human Resources during my career I always found important the development of the people – either individually or in groups. I was working in multinational companies in the procurement and finance area, in the first years and team member, later on for various years as a people leader. During all these years I was already looking for the opportunities to deliver trainings within my workplaces and outside as well. Besides these, I was also helping my colleagues in their development and solving their workplace issues. Furthermore, I worked out and delivered numerous classroom trainings during my career.

Global training delivery experiences

In the past years working as a soft skills trainer I have had international experiences, I was lucky to deliver face to face trainings in Europe, Asia, Africa and in online format for attendees from Middle-East, Nothern-America and Australia within various international companies.


For my detailed professional experiences, please visit my LinkedIn profile.