Welcome to my page!

I am Dóri Padla, Soft Skills Trainer and Coach.

As an economist specialised in Human Resources, during my career I always found the development of the people important – either individually or in groups. In the first part of my career I worked for multinational companies in the Customer Service and Procurement area for 13 years, out of which for 8 years as a People Leader. Already during all these years I was delivering soft skills trainings within my workplaces and outside as well – in English, Spanish and Hungarian languages.

After this period of my life, I decided to do what my real passion is. I changed my career completely and became a full-time Soft Skills Trainer and Coach. I worked for a multinational global company as Global People Skills Trainer and currently I work in my own training and coaching business collaborating with companies world-wide. In the past years working as a Soft Skills Trainer I have gained global experiences. I have delivered face-to-face sessions in Europe, Asia and Africa and virtual trainings for attendees also in the Middle-East, North America and Australia as well, for various companies.

Global training delivery experiences

The most important thing for me on a training session is to be able to adapt to the needs of the attendees within that particular topic that we are talking about. I believe that a great training includes tangible information and help for the participants, as well as practical, hands-on exercises and practice opportunities through which the learning can be reinforced.

For my detailed professional experiences, please visit my LinkedIn profile.